A Broken piece of being my Parent’s daughter.

1 min readMay 12, 2022


I will always be a daughter to my parents.

I grew up very different from other kids devoid of the playfulness, innocence and emotion. I never could afford to make a mistake. But has this costed me more in my life?

I know who I am now thanks to them. I am financially responsible, professionally competitive, emotionally strong.

But I cannot shake the ‘what could I have been’ ?

If you take away all these accomplishments and validations, who will I be left with?

If I could be anything else will I still be myself?

Will I scale up to the daughters of this society?

Are there any other granddaughters who became daughters when they lost their parents and became adults and struggle with no identity?

After all this, I will always be a daughter to my parents but will I be the daughter they want?

If you are a parent or a daughter who feels the same please feel free to comment!




I’m a 20 something someone from somewhere. I hope this is a safe place to hide!